Friday, September 23, 2011

30 Days Of Peace: Fall Equinox & Visions

Today is the first day of autumn... The fall equinox, where day and night are equivalent in the scope of time... Earth energy is strongest during this period, which I can feel so intensely this morning. Ive decided to embrace this lovely feeling and this energy that my Creator has given forth to the Earth, tap into it and allow it to flow all through me today.  During my meditation today, I will cue in on the balance I would like to restore in my life, my environment, through my mind, my body, and breath, as it is a perfect day to reflect on balance.

After the heavy heartache of the sacrificial Troy Davis execution this week, there were many songs that came to mind for me.  One that I chose not to share, (but I will now), is Stevie Wonder's Visions.  If you have ever paid attention to the lyrical content, he deeply defines & describes the visions in his mind-- which are beautiful... I close my eyes and let each word saturate my cells and I can FEEL those visions.  The visions that we create in our minds are the start of the eventuality of the MANIFESTATIONS of those visions.  So I wrapped myself in what I imagined to be a shining gold thread of love and made visualizations of my own.  How appropriate today is to bring those visions to life, since the Earth seems to work in exact harmony with creating those realities!